Portable OSA Modules

 Portable OSA Modules

產品名稱 : Portable OSA Modules
產品說明 :
GouMax’s small-form OSA modules with applications to test and measurement equipment are described below. The OSA product is designed and produced using GouMax’s proprietary micro-optics and voltage-controlled tunable filter technology. It measures optical spectrum of optical signals injected into the OSA device over the defined operating wavelength range. From the measured spectrum, critical channel parameters, such as channel power, wavelength, or OSNR, can be analyzed and reported.

GouMax’s OSA module consists of a narrow-band tunable optical filter, a photodetector and low noise, high-dynamic range electronics, as schematically shown in Figure 1 below. When a wide band spectrum is incident to the tunable filter, it allows a narrow band of input light centered at a given wavelength to pass through the filter. By altering the central wavelength of passband of the tunable filter, the spectrum information of incident signal is detected sequentially. The photodetector converts the light passing through the filter into electrical current. The data processing unit processes the data and then outputs the processed spectrum to the host for customer's further data analysis.


Figure : Function diagram of OSA module

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0 Single-Band OSA Single-Band OSA Modules -
1 Dual-Band OSA Modules Dual-Band OSA Modules -
2 Full-Band OSA Modules Full-Band OSA Modules -
3 1064nm OSA Modules 1064nm OSA Modules -
4 Optical Channel/Performance Monitors Optical Channel/Performance Monitors -
5 OSA-SMSR Analyzers OSA-SMSR Analyzers -