Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

 Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

產品名稱 : Hyperspectral Imaging Systems
產品說明 :
Spectrolight's Hyperspectral imaging system provides customized products according to the user's environment.


Spectrolight's Hyperspectral imaging system consists of the three individual parts below.

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1. Lens

- If the user informs SLI of the specifications of the desired lens, SLI can recommend an appropriate lens.

- User must accurately determine the basic lens specifications (e.g. Field of View, Working Distance)

- SLI generally uses a variety of single-focus lenses, but various types of lenses can be used depending on the situation.

- The coating specifications of the lens must be changed depending on the wavelength band used.


2. Tunable Bandpass Filter module

- Users can control the number of spectral bands using software.

- Users can select the desired wavelength range between 255-1700 nm.

- Users can select up to 9 filters from the filter list on the right. For a wider range, two filter modules must be used.

- Depending on the purpose, users can choose fixed bandwidth or tunable bandwidth.

- Flexible wavelength selector module selectively transmits the desired wavelength band and blocks other unwanted wavelengths at approximately OD 6 up to 1700 nm.

- Currently, in the 255 - 390 nm range (F00-F03), unwanted wavelengths are blocked only up to 600 nm. For further details, please contact us separately.


Filter List (Flexible Wavelength Selector)

3. Camera

- The users can use a variety of cameras that fit the selected wavelength range.

- In general, a Si-based camera must be used in the Visible range, and an InGaAs based camera or a compatible camera must be used in SWIR range.

- If the user already owns a camera, it is okay to use it.

- The size of the final spectral image is determined by the combination of lens and camera sensor.