Laser Scan Analyzer

 Laser Scan Analyzer

產品名稱 : Laser Scan Analyzer
產品說明 :
GouMax Laser Scan Analyzer (LSA) products are multi-function power meter modules. They are called "Laser Scan Analyzer" because LSA modules are usually used in various applications to measure powers in conjunction with laser scanning/sweeping. They consist of high-speed power meters used to measure powers with synchronized high-speed laser sweeping. More distinctively, LSA provides wavelength measurement for sweeping laser. Therefore, LSA modules can provide the following functions:

● It can be simply used as a normal power meter to measure static laser output power
● It measures power of high-speed sweeping laser
● It measures wavelength of sweeping laser and provides wavelength reference
● It provides power reference for relative power measurements


Data Acquisition Example Using LSA-200A

We use single-channel LSA-200A module as an example to show how to build your measurement system. The function diagram is shown in Figure 2 below, GouMax data acquisition and analysis system consists of a sweeping tunable laser, an LSA-200A module and a personal computer. The computer controls the tunable laser for its wavelength sweeping from a “Start” wavelength to a “Stop” wavelength at a specified sweep speed. When the laser sweeps at the “Start” wavelength, a trigger signal is sent to LSA-200A for synchronizing data acquisition. As the laser source scans the wavelength, the light-detection units sample the light level passing through the DUT (Device Under Test), synchronized with the wavelength clock of the tunable laser source. At the same time, internal power detector unit and real-time wavelength meter measure reference power and wavelength. Within sub-second, the full spectra of the DUTs are acquired. Based on the spectra, one can derive the critical parameters of the DUT, such as bandwidth at different levels, insertion loss, central wavelength and isolation, etc.

LSA Working example
Figure : Function diagram of LSA-200A module

To fulfill many varieties of customer’s applications, LSA-200 provides Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that allows users to build their own control software while dynamically accessing acquisition data. Computer controls and exchanges with LSA-200 modules through DLL.


產品型號 產品說明 價格(NTD) 產品數量
0 LSA-200A Single-Channel Laser Scan Analyzer -
1 LSA-200B Dual-Channel Laser Scan Analyzer Type I -
2 LSA-200S Dual-Channel Laser Scan Analyzer Type II -
3 LSA-200P Polarization State Generator -
4 LSA-200U PDL Laser Scan Analyzer -
5 LSA-200Q Photo-Detector Responsivity Tester -
6 LSA-200N Power Meter Adaptor -
7 LSA-300A 4-Channel Laser Scan Analyzer -
8 LSA-300B 8-Channel Laser Scan Analyzer -