Optical Interleavers

 Optical Interleavers

產品名稱 : Optical Interleavers
產品說明 :
GouMax UFP optical interleaver is a new-generation interlaver that has wide passband, wide stop bands and high channel isolation.

An optical interleaver (Mux) is a 3-port passive fiber-optic device that can be used as DeMUX or MUX. As a DeMUX, the input DWDM optical signal is split into two output streams: odd channels and even channels. In each of the output port, the channel spacing is twice of the input signals. In contrast, as a MUX, it combines two sets of DWDM channels into a composite signal stream in an interleaving way. For example, optical interleaver takes two multiplexed signals with 100 GHz spacing and interleaves them, creating a denser DWDM signal with channels at 50 GHz spacing. The process can be repeated, creating even denser composite signals with 25 GHz or 12.5 GHz spacing.

GouMax designs and manufactures UFP optical interleavers based on its proprietary micro-optics multiple-beam interference technology. By comparison with traditional Gires-Tournois-cavity-based interleaver whose 3-dB passband width is equal to the channel spacing, GouMax’s UFP interleaver has high isolation and wide isolation region. Further, the 3-dB passband width is adjustable by design. This new-generation interleaver benefits from its innovative design that the spectra of odd and even channels cross at <-5~-10 dB, rather than at -3 dB for the traditional interleaver (See schematic graphs below).


Figure 1: Functions of Optical Interleaver/De-interleaver


Figure 2: Spectrum comparison of interleaver spectra

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