Tunable Lasers

 Tunable Lasers

產品名稱 : Tunable Lasers
產品說明 :
GouMax tunable lasers are a new-generation high performance continuous wave (CW) tunable laser source. It provides fast wavelength tuning, high power output, and high power stability. GouMax tunable laser products support single-band operation (O-band, E-band, S-band, C-band, L-band, U-band, etc.), combined band operation (O+E-band, C+L-band, S+C+L-band etc.). A full-band tunable laser is also available, covering 1250~1650 nm wavelength range, with seamless wavelength tuning. The innovative design employs the state-of-the-art tunable technology and gain continuation in wide wavelength range. With no moving parts, the voltage-controlled wavelength tuning enables rapid wavelength switching and sweeping over the whole operating wavelength window.

Single-Band Tunable Lasers          
Wavelength Band O-band E-band S-band C-band L-band U-band
Wavelength Range (nm) 1260~1350 1350~1450 1450~1520 1520~1580 1580~1620 1620~1680


Dual-Band Tunable Lasers    
Wavelength Band O+E-band C+L-band SCL-band
Wavelength Range (nm) 1250~1450 1520~1630 1480~1620


Full-Band Tunable Lasers  
Wavelength Band Standard Full-band Extended Full-band
Wavelength Range (nm) 1250~1650 1250~1680


Special-Band Tunable Lasers      
Wavelength Band 780 nm 850 nm 980 nm 1064 nm
Wavelength Range (nm) 765~810 810~870 900~1000 1030~1100



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0 Single-Band Tunable Lasers Single-Band Tunable Lasers -
1 Dual-Band Tunable Lasers Dual-Band Tunable Lasers -
2 Full-Band Tunable Lasers Full-Band Tunable Lasers -
3 Special-Band Tunable Lasers Special-Band Tunable Lasers -