Tunable Bandpass Filters

 Tunable Bandpass Filters

產品名稱 : Tunable Bandpass Filters
產品說明 :
The Flexible Wavelength Selector (FWS) is the optical tunable bandpass filter that uses patented TwinFilm™ technology to control both center wavelength and bandwidth.

The FWS Manual and Auto type has a wide selection of wavelength ranges of UV, VIS, NIR, and SWIR and will work with any collimated light sources to produce a continuously tunable light source, and there’s no calibration or alignment is required. It has both high (OD 10) out-of-band blocking and excellent (>75%) transmission.

The FWS is a simple, turnkey solution for various applications that require specific wavelength excitation and detection throughout the extended wideband spectrum (255 – 1700 nm) and has the potential to integrate with broadband light sources, cameras, and other instruments, resulting in Tunable light sources, Hyperspectral imaging, and other applications.


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Product Type Spectral range [nm] Cover range [nm] Bandwidth (FWHM) [nm] Remark
Poly-RED-A5 Automatic 255 - 1700 ~ 1450 Adjustable USB software control
Poly-RED-A10 2 - 15 (nominal) (Raman mode optional)
Poly-BLUE-A5 Automatic ~ 1450 Fixed USB software control
Poly-BLUE-A10 10 or 20 (nominal)
Mono-A5 Automatic ~ 100 Adjustable USB software control
Mono-A10 2 - 15 (nominal)
Basic-A10 Manual 255 - 1700 ~ 100 Adjustable Spectrometer required for operation
2 - 15 (nominal)
High Resolution-A5 Manual ~ 100 Adjustable Spectrometer required for operation
High Resolution-A10 2 - 15 (nominal)
CenterLine-A10 Manual ~ 100 Fixed Spectrometer required for operation
10 or 20 (nominal)
CWS Manual Single wavelength Fixed Shipped within 72 hours
2 - 15 (nominal)


Poly Mono Manual CWS