產品名稱 : VCSELs
產品說明 :
Series AT01/AT02, VCSEL illuminators powered by Focuslight’s unique automotive-grade glass diffusers. They are categorized under the LiDAR Tx F Product Line of the Automotive BU.

The major application is illumination for DMS (Driver Monitoring System), where the VCSEL illuminator is increasingly the first choice of in-cabin sensing illumination.

The unique advantages of Focuslight DMS VCSEL illuminators AT01/AT02 lie in the Focuslight-proprietary micro-lens array diffusers made with automotive grade optical glass, which supports a wide range of FOV up to 160x160deg with very high uniformity.

The illuminator’s FOV and its exact shape is customizable based on customer’s request. The new VCSEL illuminators are an alternative solution to existing polymer-lens-enabled VCSEL illuminators which is facing challenges in wide FOV, high uniformity and automotive reliability.

Excellent Uniformity and Wide FOV
● Built with Focuslight-proprietary glass diffusers
● Wide FOV up to 160deg
● High uniformity of diffused illumination pattern (> 85% uniformity)

Automotive Reliability
● Built with automotive-grade glass diffuser
● Built with VCSEL chips with long lifetime (> 10,000h designed lifetime) and high reliability

產品型號 產品說明 價格(NTD) 產品數量
0 FL-AT01-3-940-HxV DMS VCSEL Illuminator, Output Power >2.5W, Standard package 3535 -
1 FL-AT02-3-940-HxV DMS VCSEL Illuminator, Output Power >2.5W, Standard package 3235 -
2 FL-AT02-5-940-HxV DMS VCSEL Illuminator, Output Power >4W, Standard package 3235 -