MEMS Mirror

 MEMS Mirror

Product name : MEMS Mirror
Description :
● Gimbal-less design gives ultra-fast two-axis laser beam steering
● Large angles in point-to-point (quasi-static) or resonant mode of operation
● Variety of mirror sizes available in stock, from 0.6mm to 7.5mm


Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS devices address a wide range of applications that require optical beam steering. As optical scanning or beam steering appears in various industries and numerous applications, our scanning mirrors are most beneficial in those applications that require miniature, high speed, low-power, or low-cost solutions. Some of the Application uses of MirrorcleTech devices currently under development are:

●  Projection Displays
●  3D Scanning
●  Lidar Imaging
●  3D Tracking & Position Measurement
●  Laser Marking & Engraving
●  Free-Space Optics & Telecommunications
●  Biomedical Imaging

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