From the past 30 years, UNICE has earned a firm reputation and built a solid client base through treating its staff and customers as our family and consistently providing the best professional services. In order to keep providing and manufacturing high-precision optical fixtures and a manufacturer of customized optical components and ODM system integration, UNICE never stops improving and strengthening the standard and customized products under our own brand. 

UNICE also serves as an agent for foreign optical inspection institutions and importer of optical equipment for the purpose of raising the quality of domestic production. Our services include the construction of academic research laboratories, industrial research and development laboratories, production lines and quality control facilities. 

With highly experience in research, development and consulting, our team is capable of solving customers’ hardware and software issues in ongoing experiments and inspections. UNICE offers integrated design and development of elements, components, modules and systems (equipment), as well as interdisciplinary, diversified integration. With our experience and expertise in optics, we can help customers to achieve their target and application requirement. 

More than just our quality management system, ISO 9001 is not only the foundation for UNICE also an icon for our customers to trust us. On top of that, we’re proud to announce that UNICE products are certified for the ISO 13485 quality management standard for medical devices, ensuring that our products and services satisfy every customer’s requirement. Most importantly, we will always be our goal to pursuing the highest quality the product and fulfilling the promise we make. 

Markets change at a rapid pace. UNICE rides the waves of change in its environment and continuously ventures into new territory and develops innovative applications. The only thing that remains unchanged is our passion to serve and to seek solutions for our customers in the healthcare, food safety, green energy and bio-medical industries.

We will continue our journey to bring the light of our optical-smart-energy solutions to every corner of the world.