Melt-Spinning Aluminium Super Alloys

 Melt-Spinning Aluminium Super Alloys

Product name : Melt-Spinning Aluminium Super Alloys
Description :
RSP Technology develops, produces and sells aluminium super alloys with high end properties. By using its own Meltspinning process, ultra fast cooling rates can be reached, converting more than 1 million degrees per second. As a result very fine nanostructured alloys with new functionalities are being developed and produced. This overview gives an indication of the various alloys and their different characters and performances. This is a basis for covering a broad field of applications. Depending on customers requirements, RSP can offer a matching solution with a well balanced property profile. In case this is not enough, RSP is always listening to end customer needs, and is able to develop alloys in co-operative projects.

RSP alloys can be produced in the following standard dimensions:
● Bars: diameters 18, 22, 26, 35, 45, 60, 80, 110 mm
● Billets: diameters 200, 275, 500, 1.000 mm
● Custom made (near net) forgings
● Any other size can be custom made in round, rectangular or any other shape up to 1.000 mm


For the optical industry there are 3 main application areas:

  1. Diamond machined mirrors
  • By replacing conventional 6061 with RSA-6061, surface roughness can be improved by a factor of 4. RSA-6061 can be delivered under official qualifications EN-755 and ASTM-B221.
  • If better properties are required, RSA-905 offers improved mechanical and physical properties.
  • RSA-443 can be used as mirror body with high stiffness and low thermal expansion matching Nickel coating. So bi-metallic effects do not exist anymore. The Nickel coating determines the surface finish; RMS values 1 - 2nm.
  1. Mould and insert applications
  • Better and cheaper than any other alternative:RSA-905 offers huge advantages compared to conventional Cu-based alloys like brass, Cu-Ni and Cu-Be.
  • simple logistics and low cost as no coating operation nor post machining is required.
  • increase of mould life with about 100% compared with a Nickel coated surface.
  1. Polished mirrors
  • RSA-443 can be used as mirror body with high stiffness and low thermal expansion matching Nickel. The polishable Ni-P coating offers RMS values < 1nm. 
  • RSA-905 is a polisheable aluminium alloy offering RMS values <1nm. Initial tests look promissing; MRF offers great opportunities.



• Higher strength
The strength of RSP can compete with the strength of steel or titanium.  In addition, RSP Technology offers special alloys that display high strength at elevated temperatures
• Higher ductility
Due to its fine microstructure RSP has a high ductility which allows relatively easy mechanical forming (e.g. higher extrusion speeds, lower extrusion loads or ultra thin wall extrusion down to 0.2 mm).
• Lower thermal expansion
The thermal expansion coefficient varies with alloy composition. Depending on the compromise of properties it is possible to optimize just the thermal behavior. All alloys with thermal expansion of steel are in our program. 
• Superior surface finish
Fine machining of RSP-alloys results in very low surface roughness: down to 5 nm. This makes RSP applicable in fine mechanical parts, mirrors and tools for high precision injection moulding, especially optics such as contact lenses and spectacles.
• Good machining properties
Despite its much higher hardness, tests prove that the wear on tools after machining RSA-AlSiX alloys is identical to (or lower than) that of tools that are used for machining conventional alloys.
• Better wear resistance
Due to the high wear resistance of RSA-AlSiX alloys, surface treatments such as hard anodising can be omitted under certain conditions.



• Automotive Industry
pistons, cylinders, exhaustvalves, connecting rods, space frame parts
• Aerospace Industry
construction parts, heat resistant parts, fasteners
• Sports Industry
bicycles, skates, golf clubs, mountaineering and archery equipment
• Electronics
thin walled & high precision components (micro-profiles), signal processing, wire
• Machine Building
high stiffness - low weight parts, heat resistant parts, hydraulic parts, dies


RSP Production Method

Model Description Condition Typical Composition Price(USD) Quantity
0 RSA-6061 RSP Alloys T6 AI Si0, 6 Cu0, 3 Mg1 (AA6061) -
1 RSA-443 RSP Alloys AE AI Si40 -
2 RSA-441 RSP Alloys T6 AI Si40 Mg1 -
3 RSA-905 RSP Alloys AE AI Fe2,5 Ni5 Cu2, 5Mn1 Mo0, 8 Zr0, 8 -
4 RSA-905 RSP Alloys AH>120mm AI Fe2,5 Ni5 Cu2, 5Mn1 Mo0, 8 Zr0, 8 -
5 RSA-8009 RSP Alloys AE AI Fe8, 7 Si1, 8V1, 3 (AA8009) -
6 RSA-4019 RSP Alloys AE AI Si20 Fe5 Ni2 (AA4019) -
7 RSA-461 RSP Alloys T6 AI Si21 Cu4 Mg1, 2 Fe2, 5 Ni1, 5 -
8 RSA-462 RSP Alloys T6 AI Si24 Cu1, 8 Mg1, 2 Fe0, 4 Ni0, 4 -
9 RSA-431 RSP Alloys T6 AI Si30 Cu1, 5 Mg1, 2 Fe0, 4 Ni0, 4 -
10 RSA-612 RSP Alloys T6 AI Si7, 5 Cu2 Mg13, 5 -
11 RSA-501 RSP Alloys AE AI Mg5 Mn1 Sc0, 8 zr0, 4 (Scalmalloy) -
12 RSA-7034 RSP Alloys T6 Al Zn11 Cu1 Mg2, 5 (AA7034) -
13 RSA-453 RSP Alloys AH AI Si50 -
14 RSA-463 RSP Alloys AH AI Si60 -