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 Development Kits

Product name : Development Kits
Description :
Mirrorcle Technologies MEMS Mirror Development Kit allows a user to quickly and efficiently gain familiarity with all aspects of these devices and their various possible uses. Furthermore, it enables safe operation of the devices with specifically developed software and MEMS driver solutions which include several levels of protection for the micromirror devices.

Development Kit users are able to display a variety of vector graphics as well as multiframe animations at arbitrary refresh rates. Scanners can be operated in point-to-point vector scanning or resonant and rastering modes. The system is highly adaptable to projection on various surfaces and in a variety of applications, including projection on specially-coated transparent surfaces. The ultra-low power consumption of the MEMS devices makes the system highly portable and miniature – the kit is very light-weight and fully mobile when used with a laptop computer.

Scanning, two axis (tip-tilt) mirrors are a fundamental optical beam steering technology required in a wide variety of applications across many industries. Mirrorcle’s MEMS mirror technology provides a highly competitive solution to cater to many of those applications due to its capability to control mirrors to tip/tilt at arbitrary angles in two orthogonal axes, or two rotational degrees of freedom. For example, a laser beam pointed at the micromirror could be deflected to any angle from -12° to +12° (specifications vary for different designs) on either or both axes, and therefore anywhere in a 24° field of regard cone. When a wide-angle lens is employed (see add-ons below,) field of regard of over 45° for each axis is easy to achieve.

Mirrorcle Technologies gimbal-less two-axis mirrors are driven by electrostatic actuators. Their angle of rotation closely follows a square law, i.e. angle is proportional to the square of applied voltage. This inherent non-linearity is linearized by specialized, bias-differential driving circuits. Mechanically, the mirrors behave approximately as second-order (mass-spring) systems with a high Q of 30-80, and therefore require properly conditioned drive signals to obtain well controlled performance. In open-loop driving, smoothing of applied voltage waveforms (input shaping and/or filtering) prevents overshoot and mechanical ringing at device resonance. Mirrorcle Technologies software and hardware drivers implement multiple methodologies to provide linearization and fast and stable point-to-point beam steering.

In most applications the mirrors do not require a position sensor or closed-loop control due to their exceptional repeatability in open loop control. Nevertheless, they may be equipped or packaged by customers with external position sensors for closed loop control operation. In those applications, customers have used the MEMS mirrors in closed-loop for feedback-based damping. However, Further technical details are made available in the Development Kit Overview and in additional documents and scientific publications on the support web page.


●  Standard Development Kit (P/N: DK-015)
     ◆ Standard Dev Kit has the three mirror sizes. The MEMS Mirrors are preselected and premanufactured to reduce cost      and delivery time.

●  Semi-Custom Development Kit (P/N: DK-016)
     ◆  Semi-Custom Dev Kit allows users to select from various available actuator, mirror size and coating combinations to best suit their application.
     ◆  Contact for more details on various options.

●  Development Kit with a Scan Module (P/N: DK-030)
    ◆  Dev Kit with Scan Module includes the EaZy4.0G scan module, a pre-assembled optomechanical cell with MEMS mirror, laser module and wide-angle optics, for rapid prototyping as a complete optical laser beam steering solution.
    ◆  The combination of the Scan Module, the USB-SL MZ Controller, and Mirrorcle Software Suite allows users to create programmable illumination (e.g. for 3D Metrology) and synchronize that laser scanning with other systems.

●  LiDAR/Imaging MEMS Dev Kit 1 (P/N: DK-026)*
     ◆  Large diameter, large angle MEMS mirrors, typically used in coaxial imaging designs (both transmit and sense/receive paths going through the MEMS mirror).

●  LiDAR/Imaging MEMS Dev Kit 2 (P/N: DK-027)*
     ◆  Medium diameter, large angle MEMS mirrors, fastest and most robust, typically used in biaxial/bistatic imaging designs only on illumination/transmit paths, or in shorter distance coaxial designs.

●  Monochrome Playzer Development Kit [P/N: PZDK-04(R/G/B/V) OEM ]
     ◆  Customers can order with one of the available colors (wavelengths), Red, Green, Blue, Violet, e.g. PZDK-04G OEM

●  RGB Playzer Development Kit [P/N: PZDK-03RGB OEM ]

Development Kits detail information

Model Description Price(USD) Quantity
0 Standard Development Kit Three Gimbal-less Dual-Axis MEMS Mirrors -
1 Semi-Custom Development Kit Three Gimbal-less Dual-Axis MEMS Mirrors – Types, Sizes, Coatings, and Packages -
2 Development Kit with Scan Module Development of applications with a Scan Module -
3 LiDAR/Imaging MEMS Development Kits We offer two types of LiDAR/Imaging MEMS Development Kits -
4 Playzer Development Kits Playzer is a pocket-sized Programmable Vector Graphic Laser Projector -