Metal Recycling Sorting System


With today’s metal shortages,not to mention the ever-increasing expense of producing new alloys like aluminum, companies like yours are looking for practical, cost-saving alternatives for their light-metak sorting needs.

Ocean Insight’s Applied Systems group has multiple options when it comes to developing recycling solutions for your industrial, high-throughput needs - solutions that leverage our proprietary sensing modules designed for integration into automated scrap-handling and recycling systems.
One product in particular - our in-line LIBS solution known as the SpeedSorter - excels in aluminum alloy separations such as wrought from cast - as well as certain class separations like 5XXX and 6XXX. Which means fast throughput with our in-line LIBS, high purity, and high-yield results. Not to mention, maximum revenue.

Driving the Circular Economy:
Good for the planet. Even better for your bottom line.

With today’s emphasis on sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint, metal recycling is driving the circular economy. And with the price of mining aluminum being cost-prohibitive in some cases, recycling can boost your bottom line, too. Let Ocean Insight help you put together a custom system for analyzing your scrap metal.
Advantages of Ocean’s LIBS Metal

SpeedSorter™ LIBS Sorting Sensor
•  Ability to accurately identify light metals at low LODs
•  Next-level sorting of aluminum into 1XXX to 8XXX including exact alloys such as 6063
•  Minimized downtime due to ruggedized optics design; no distance sensor or focus adjustments needed
•  Our inline LIBS products are able to maximize throughput up to 1 TPH per lane (depending on sorting system capabilities)
•  No radiation safety approvals, certifications or training programs needed
•  Customized to your sorting system and needs

•  Scrap metal recycling
•  Separation into alloy classes
•  Light metals analysis and sorting
•  Aluminum analysis
•  Magnesium analysis
•  Titanium analysis
•  Incoming scrap material identification
•  Quality control
•  Positive material identification

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