Model : 09OTA-NM-XY

Description :

The Optical Transmittance Analyzer contain a spectrometer, a light source and motorized XY stage . The 09OTA-NM-XY use to measure the filter's transmittance. In addition to measure the full range transmission spectrum, you also can set up a range or single wavelength for analysis.

• Glass or plastic material products
• Optical thin film ex: Window film, ITO, Filter (IR-cut, Band Pass etc.)

Software Function

•   Transmission spectrum graph
•   Center wavelength calculation (λc)
•   FWHM calculation
•   Average transmission calculation (Tavg)
•   T10% to T10% wavelength and width calculation
•   T50% to T50% wavelength and width calculation
•   T90% to T90% wavelength and width calculation
•   Various measurement mode (Auto, user define and any point)

Software Screen

Unice Transmittance Analyzer Software


Model 09OTA-NM-XY
Wavelength range 350 – 1000nm (can be changed for requirement)
Optical resolution 1.1nm (can be changed for requirement)
Wavelength data interval 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10nm
Wavelength reproducibility < 0.5nm
Transmission stability < 1%
Light source stability 0.5% (after 30 min.)
Drift of optical output < 0.3% per hour
Light source lamp life time 1000 hours (typical)
Color temperature 3000K
Sample holder 60 x 60mm and 80 x 80mm (can be changed for requirement)
Operating temperature 5 – 35°C
Operating humidity 20 – 70%