Model : K100110

Description :

Measure the light intensity distribution and total luminous flux of the sample light source with rotated lamp. It can be used to measure the spectrum of each space of the light source, chromaticity coordinates, color temperature and color rendering index when a spectrometer is added. The machine can output IES files which can be applied to optical design simulation software.

The testing item include vertical profile, Cartesian coordinate figure, 3D luminous intensity distribution curve, beam angle...etc.

• Chinese Interface, easy to use
• Full-automated measurement
• IES format output
• Optional with V(λ)sensor or spectrometer
• Customized hardware and software are available


Model K100110
Sensor Wavelength range: 400nm ~ 900nm
Measurement error:  ± 3%
Current meter Model: KEITHLEY 6485
Communication Interface:IEEE-488 and RS-232
Step-motor rotating stage a. Resolution≦0.002° Repeatability≦0.02°
b. Rotation angle phi-axis 360°, theta-axis≧±100°
c. USB / RS232 control interface (PC device driver is included)
Manual movement stage a. Travel range: 25mm
b. Resolution: 0.01mm
Measurement stage a. Sample holder
b. Sample alignment device repeatability0.01mm
c. Dark room design
d. DUT and LMD traveling distance >400mm
e. Baffle x 2
f. Platform size Φ70mm
Sample alignment device CCD Camera
Machine size 820x300x300cm (LxWxH)
Machine weight 50Kgs

Software Function

Item Function
Automatically measurement According to the angle which is set by the user, the machine automatically complete the  measurement.
Manual measurement Manually move to the position which set by the user and measure the single-point illumination.
Measurement Function a. Vertical profile
b. Cartesian coordinate figure
c. 3D luminous intensity distribution curve
d. Total luminous flux
e. Beam angle
Optional function: (Spectrometer is required)
f. CIE 1931(x, y), CIE 1976(u', v') Chromaticity Coordinates and figures.
g. Color temperature of each point
h. Spectrum of each point
i. Domainant wavelength of each point
j. Peak wavelength of each point
k. Color purity of each point
l. Color rendering index (CRI) of each point
IES format file Output the results in IES format file.

Software Screen

Unice LED Goniophotometer software Unice LED Goniophotometer software