Model : APA-S

Description :

Automatic LED Profile Analyzer is a comprehensive and self-integration development LED Profile Analyzer. The main design of the multi-functional integrated Analyzer is providing user the optical data and figures of measuring and analyzing, such as total luminous flux, luminous intensity, spectroradiometry (emission spectrum, chromaticity coordinates, dominant wavelength, FWHM are included) and the data of 2D/3D light intensity distribution ...etc. Those information can be applied on the parameters designed andverificated.

Using CCD(Charge Coupled Device) to do the alignment with automatically rotation stage which contains an encoder. It can achieve high-accurate angle control and enhance the precision of measurement. According to the LED light property and contacted surface temperature, we add on a Thermoelectric Cooling Module to control the temperature of LED substrate. To make sure the stability of LED in the measurement process and to achieve the purpose of accurate measurement, it provides the relevant optical characteristics of LED at different temperature of substrate.

Besides the standard stage which supports the standard Star substrate, 2cm square substrate and LED Emitter, we provide the customized service.

Measurement Function

Item Function
Colorimetry Tristimulus Value
CIE1931 Chromaticity Coordinates (x, y)
CIE1960 Chromaticity Coordinates (u, v)
CIE1976 Chromaticity Coordinates (u’, v’)
Color Purity 〔%〕
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 〔K〕
Spectroradiometry Dominant Wavelength 〔nm〕
Peak Wavelength 〔nm〕
Center Wavelength 〔nm〕
Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM)〔nm〕
Photometry Luminous Intensity 〔cd〕
Illumination 〔lux〕
Total Luminous Flux 〔lm〕
2D Candlepower Distribution 
3D Candlepower Distribution


Model APA-S
Sensor Spectrometer & Si-Photodiode
Photometry Range Luminance Intensity : 0.01~5000 cd
Total Luminous : 0.01~24000 lm
Wavelength Range 350-790nm (Grating Dependent)
Resolution 0.24nm FWHM
Stray Light < 0.05% at 600nm
< 0.1% at 435nm
Stage XYZ Micro Motion Stage (Manual) Res:0.32mm
Delta(δ) & Phi(φ) Rotation Stage (Automatic)
Operate Angle Delta(δ) : ±100 degree Res 0.01d
Phi(φ) : 360 degree Res 0.002d
LED Alignment CCD Camera
Sample Size Max.: 50mm x 50mm
Input Power AC 110V/60Hz
Size 700(W) x 1045(D) x 1900 (H) [mm]