MAKROS Faraday Rotators - 1900nm to 2100nm

Product Name : MAKROS Faraday Rotators - 1900nm to 2100nm

Description :

EOT’s MAKROS line of Faraday devices build on over 30 years of experience in successfully protecting lasers from destabilizing and potentially damaging back reflections. The MAKROS line has been specifically designed to meet the needs of high power and high energy 2 µm (1900 nm to 2100 nm) lasers.

Our MAKROS rotators deliver industry-best reliability while providing superior performance and maintaining very high transmission.

EOT's MAKROS products rely on the Faraday effect from high Verdet constant, low absorption materials to rotate the plane of linearly polarized light in the forward direction and an additional 45° of non-reciprocal rotation in the reverse direction.

● Completely passive; no tuning required
● Rugged design suitable for harsh operating
● Stable performance to 30 W
● Optically contacted PBS cubes for improved damage threshold
● All isolators contain rejected beam escape ports

● Ho or Tm lasers
● High Harmonic Conversion
● High Energy Physics
● Biological and Medical Systems, Research, adn Device Manufacturing
● Ultrafast R&D
● Microelectronics
● Micromachining
● Particle Acceleration