Low Power Faraday Isolators - 1010nm to 1080nm

Product Name : Low Power Faraday Isolators - 1010nm to 1080nm

Description :

EOT's 1050 nm to 1080 nm Low Power Isolators can be ordered with either dichroic glass polarizers or with polarizing beam splitter cubes. If protecting a seed source from back reflections from a Q-switched laser, EOT recommends using polarizing beam splitter cubes due to their ability to withstand high pulse energies. Two isolators can be used in series if 60 dB isolation is required to asssure back reflections do not cause frequency instability from a single frequency single seed laser.

● Completely passive; no tuning required
● Compact size

● Laser Pumping
● Amplification
● Protection of single frequency injection seed source
Model Description Polarizer Type Center Wavelength Price (USD)
110-10223-0001 Low Power Faraday Isolator Polarcor 1064 nm
110-10091-0001 Low Power Faraday Isolator PBS Cube 1064 nm