Precision Fiber Positioners

Product Name : Precision Fiber Positioners

Description :

● Thumb screw on these couplers allow quick and easy alignment of fibers.
● Kinematic three- axis precision alignment makes up the heart of the units.
● Adjustable pitch and yaw settings are available as an option.
● Include a fiber chuck that easy hold fibers from 250 µm.


 Precision Fiber Positioners

Metric 06PFC-1M 06PFC-2M
English 06PFC-1 06PFC-2
Adjustment X、Y、Z X、Y、Z、Pitch、Yaw



Metric 06PFC-BM 06CHK-1 04ADA-SMA 04ADA-SMA-S 04CLH-1M
English 06PFC-B 04CLH-1
Description Objective mount-RMS Threaded Fiber Chuck SMA-905 Unthreaded Adapter SMA-905
Collimator Lens Holder
Model Description Price (USD)
06PFC-1M Precision Fiber Optic Positioners, 3-Axis, Metric Type 165
06PFC-2M Precision Fiber Optic Positioners, 5-Axis, Metric Type 178.5
06PFC-BM Objective mount-RMS Threaded, Metric Type 50
04CLH-1M Collimator Lens Holder, Metric Type 13.5
06PFC-1 Precision Fiber Optic Positioners, 3-Axis, English Type 165
06PFC-2 Precision Fiber Optic Positioners, 5-Axis, English Type 178.5
06PFC-B Objective mount-RMS Threaded, English Type 50
04CLH-1 Collimator Lens Holder, English Type 13.5
06CHK-1 Fiber Chuck 40
04ADA-SMA SMA-905 Connector Adapter, Unthreaded 18
04ADA-SMA-S SMA-905 Connector Adapter, Threaded 20