Mirror and Lens Mount Accessories

Product Name : Mirror and Lens Mount Accessories

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Lens Tube Series Selection Guide

 Image  04ETC-C-50L  04ETC-C-100L  04ETS1-S1-1L 04TAC-S1-07L   04TAC-C-09L 04TAS1-M26-09L  04ETC-S1-0.5L   04CEC-S1-05L
Model 04ETC-C-50L 04ETC-C-100L 04ETS1-S1-1L 04TAC-S1-07L 04TAC-C-09L 04TAS1-M26-09L 04ETC-S1-0.5L 04CEC-S1-05L
Type Extension Tube Extension Tube Extension Tube Thread Adapter Thread Adapter Thread Adapter Thread Adapter End Cap
Thread Type C-Mount C-Mount 1.035"-40 C-Mount to 1.035"-40 C-Mount 1.035"-40 to M26 1.035"-40 1.035"-40
Length 50mm 100mm 25.4mm 7.5mm 9mm 9mm 12.7mm N/A
Model Description Price (USD)
04LMT-1(M) Optics Adaptor for 25.4mm Lenses / Filter Holder, Common Type 25
04ETC-C-50L C-Mount Extension Tube, 50mm Length 30
04ETC-C-100L C-Mount Extension Tube, 100mm Length 50
04ETS1-S1-1L 1.035"-40 Thread Extension Tube, 25.4mm Length 11
04TAC-S1-07L Thread Adapter with External C-mount(1"-32) and Internal 1.035"-40 Thread 17
04TAC-C-09L Thread Adapter with C-mount Thread 15.6
04TAS1-M26-09L Thread Adapter with External 1.035"-40 Thread and Internal M26 Thread 18
04ETC-S1-0.5L External 1.035"-40 Thread Combiner with Locking Nut 18
04CEC-S1-05L End Cap with External 1.035"-40 Thread 16
04ETR-1(M) 1.035"-40 Retaining Ring 4
04ADA-OBJ Objective Lens Adaptor 18.5
04ADA-SMA SMA-905 Connector Adapter, Unthreaded 18
04ADA-SMA-S SMA-905 Connector Adapter, 23-32N Threaded 20
04ADA-SMA-S1 SMA-905 Connector Adapter, 1.035"-40 Threaded 20
07ASW-2 Adjustable Spanner Wrench for Retaining Ring 43