Large Stand Rod Assembly

Product Name : Large Stand Rod Assembly

Description :

● Two options for Friction and Rack-Pinion assembly


Image Modle Name Friction Rack-Pinion
Large Stand Rod 07LSR-1M 07LSR-2M
Large Rod Clamp 07RCP-1M 07RCP-2M
  Universal Rod Mounting Platform 07UMP-1M X
XY Adjustable Base 07LPB-1M
  Rotatable Platform 05ORP-1M
  Mounting Platform 05NTP-1M
Model Description Price (USD)
07LSR-1M Large Stand Rod, Friction, Metric Type 57
07LSR-2M Large Stand Rod, Rack and Pinion, Metric Type 85
07RCP-1M Large Rod Clamp, Friction, Metric Type 58
07RCP-2M Large Rod Clamp, Rack and Pinion, Metric Type 80
07UMP-1M Universal Rod Mounting Platform, Metric Type 122
07LPB-1M XY Adjustable Base, Metric Type 89
05ORP-1M Rotatable Platform, Metric Type 95
05NTP-1M Mounting Platform, Metric Type 29
07LSR-1 Large Stand Rod, Friction, English Type 57
07LSR-2 Large Stand Rod, Rack and Pinion, English Type 85
07RCP-1 Large Rod Clamp, Friction, English Typ 58
07RCP-2 Large Rod Clamp, Rack and Pinion, English Type 80
07UMP-1 Universal Rod Mounting Platform, English Type 122
07LPB-1 XY Adjustable Base, English Type 89
05ORP-1 Rotatable Platform, English Type 95
05NTP-1 Mounting Platform, English Type 29