V-Block Cylindrical Object Holder

Product Name : V-Block Cylindrical Object Holder

Description :

● This V-grooved base is designed not only for large cylindrical objects, such as a laser head, but also for optics by a POM- tipped set screw on the clamp to fix.
● For any Max. 52mm diameter optics or cylinder objects.
● This component can be assembled with 07RCP-series Rod Clamp and 07LSR-series Stand Rod. Both vertical and horizontal are allowed for height adjustment.
● Two M6 (1/4-20) clearance mounting holes can be used to connect with 07RCP-series for height adjustment
● Three M4 (8-32) clearance mounting holes can be used to connect with 03PRT-4M for tilt adjustment.
● Loosen side knurled knob, slide down the clamp plate of rigid rod until the lens / filter is stable, then tighten side knurled knob to fix the lens / filter .
● Larger diameter cylindrical objective holder available upon request.
Model Description Price (USD)
04VCH-1M V-Block Cylindrical Object Holder, Metric Type 33
04VCH-1 V-Block Cylindrical Object Holder, English Type 33