Large Cylindrical Object Mounts

Product Name : Large Cylindrical Object Mounts

Description :

● 38mm or 57mm diameter cylinder device such as autocollimator.
● Tilt adjustment range of ± 2.5°.
● Rotary angle adjustment range of ± 2.5°.
● Dual C-type ring design for quick fixture and removal.
● Allows one direction tilt and rotation adjustments function.
● Using two micrometers forward/backward at the same time to achieve fine rotation adjustment.
● Large diameter knurled knob design to increase the adjustment precision.
● Added level indicator on the surface of platform as adjustment reference.
● Can be placed on breadboards, optic tables or any mechanical platform with M6 (1/4-20) thread mounting holes.

Metric 04VCM-038-2M 04VCM-057-2M
English 04VCM-038-2 04VCM-057-2
Diameter 38mm 57mm
Center of Height 112mm 117mm
Surface Size 180 x 85 x 158mm 200 x 110 x 164mm
Actuator Micrometer Micrometer
Model Description Price (USD)
04VCM-038-2M Large Cylindrical Object Holder, Ф38mm, Metric Type 1400
04VCM-057-2M Large Cylindrical Object Holder, Ф57mm, Metric Type 1500
04VCM-038-2 Large Cylindrical Object Holder, Ф38mm, English Type 1400
04VCM-057-2 Large Cylindrical Object Holder, Ф57mm, English Type 1500