Model : 07BSI-3M

Description :

● Metric Type
● Adjustable height range from 50mm to 170mm
● Include two 1/4 λ elliptical mirrors.
● The stand rod diameter is 38.1mm with 360mm height.
● A POM gear rack set into the rod for rack-and-pinion control over component elevation.
● The upper mirror mount is fitted with two micrometers to provide precise, independent control of tilt and azimuth adjustments.
● The upper mirror mount is coarse-fine azimuth angle control for accurate beam pointing over large distance.
● The upper mirror holder has a hand-sized knurled knob (dia. 70mm) for coarse azimuth positioning over a 360° range.
● Coarse/fine azimuth adjustment on lower mirror mount.
● 4 x M6 clearance holes on the bottom plate for easy mounting on optic table or platform.
● Precision devices for adjusting the height and direction of a laser beam.
● The different elevation adjustment is specified by customer's requirements.

Package Weight : 3.25kg

Price :USD 650



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