Model : 07BSI-1

Description :

● English Type
● Adjustable height range from 36mm to 160mm
● 25.4mm (1") diameter mirrors are included.
● Tilt / azimuth adjustment function on bottom mirror mount.
● Stainless steel M6 x 0.25mm precision thumbscrew for mount adjustment
● Easily set your laser beam height and control the azimuth and elevation angle of the beam.
● Light weight, cost-effective and easy operation.
● Two kinematic mirror mounts are provided to accept quick finger placement of mirrors secured by POM tiped set screw.
● The mounts are attached to the post with thumbscrews (post included). Coarse and fine adjustments are both available.
● Coarse adjustment of output beam can be done by changing the positions of mirror mount, thumbscrew knob will be for fine adjustment.

Package Weight : 0.77kg

Price :USD 190



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