Model : 07BSD-4

Description :

● English Type
● Pedestal design lets you easily set laser beam height and precisely control the azimuth and elevation angles of the beam leaving the device.
●consist of standard components 02FHP-3(M)x1, 02FEP-3(M)x2, 02FCP-1(M)x2, 04PMT-1(M)x2, 04MAD-1(M)x2 and 1235Bx2
● Reflectance mirror 1235B is suitable for low power visible laser only.
● Adjustable height range from 50mm to 119mm.
● Sliding clamps 02FCP-1(M) on a solid stainless steel pedestal post is diameter 25.5mm with 9" high, provide height adjustment with high smoothly and stability.
● Two fully independent adjustable mirror mounts, allowing entering beams to be non-parallel to the table surface.
● Adjust the bottom mirror to center the beam on the top mirror, then adjust the top mirror to steer the beam to the desired location.
● Securely mounted on anywhere on an optical table by using the stainless steel holding fork 02BCF-4(M) (Sold Separately) with M6 (1/4-20) unidirectional slot .
● Economical and Cost-effective design.

Package Weight : 1.38kg

Price :USD 270



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