Stepper Motor Actuator

Product Name : Stepper Motor Actuator

Description :

● Bi-Polar 2-phase miniature micro-stepper motor driving design.
● Gearhead ratio of stepper motor: 28.4460(185):1(Approx. 28.45:1).
● Steps per Revolution of the Motor: 24 Full steps (15∘/step).
● Lead Screw Pitch: 0.5mm.
● Microsteps per Revolution of the motor: 24 Full Steps, 180μsteps per full step; 4,320μsteps per Revolution. (Measured using the 08SMC-1 controller)
● Limit Switches: Mechanical.
● Speed Range: 0.01mm/s to 0.35mm/s.
● Maximum Load Capacity: 40 N
● Calculated Minimum incremental motion: 4.07nm
● Compatible with mirror mounts with diameter 9.5mm barrel mounting block.
● Flat ribbon cable length: 600mm.
● Connector Type: 10 pin IDC connector.
● Compatible Controller : 08SMC-1, 08SMC-3, 08SSB-8 family products.

Model 08SMA-6 08SMA-13
Travel Range 6mm 13mm
Model Description Price (USD)
08SMA-6 Stepper Motor Actuator, Travel Rang: 6mm 600
08SMA-13 Stepper Motor Actuator, Travel Rang: 13mm 650