Model : 08PMT-50

Description :

● English Type
● Connector Type: D-Sub (DE-15).
● Build up 2 limited switch.
● 8-32 and 1/4-20 thread holes on the surface of platform for easy fixing other components.
● Stackable in XY, XZ and XYZ configurations with adaptor.
● With Unice's controller for two or four-channel versions (08TMC-2U or 08TMC-4U) sold separately.
● Also compatible with third-party controllers.

Package Weight : 4.65kg

Price :USD 1350

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Model  08PMT-50
Travel Range  50mm
Body Dimension (LxWxH) 230x137x71mm
Weight  4.65 kgs
Base Dimension (LxW) 115 x 115mm
Lead Screw Type Φ16 x 4mm
Vertical Load Capacity (Max.) 20kgs
Horizontal Load Capacity (Max.) 50kgs
Actuator Type  Stepper Motors
Straightness  ± 0.001mm
Min. Incremental Movement* 0.0025mm
Unidirectional Repeatability ± 0.005mm
Bidirectional Repeatability ± 0.01mm
Recommended Controller 08TMC-2U and 08TMC-4U
* Measured using Unice's stepper motor controller 08TMC-2U.     


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