Model : 08MRX-1M

Description :

● Metric Type
● The stages is equipped with a mechanical origin and allow for continuous rotation of 360° .
● Actuator Type: 6-cores, Single-Polar, 2-phase Stepper Motor.
● Build up 1 limited switch.
● Provides M6 and M4 thread holes on the surface of platform for easy fixing other components.
● Angular position is indicated on a 360° scale graduated in 1° increments withengraved at every 5° extended and every 10° numbered for rotatioin stages.
● Available with Unice's controller for two channel (08TMC-2U) or four-channel (08TMC-4U) versions.
● Customized dimension upon request.

Package Weight : 1.16kg

Price :USD 770

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Model 08MRX-1M
Central Aperture None
Rotation Range ± 360°
Rotation Platform Dimension Φ 60mm
Worm Gear Ratio 45:01:00
Maximum Speed 40 deg/sec
Vertical Load Capacity 5 kgs
Horizontal Load Capacity 10 kgs
Weight 1.16 kgs
Minimum Incremental Motion* 0.005°
Wobble Guaranteed 10 arcmin
Unidirectional Repeatability ± 0.02°
Connector Type D-Sub (DE-15)
* Measured using Unice's stepper motor controller 08TMC-2U.  
Contents are subject to change without notice.      


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