Motorized Rotation Mounts

Product Name : Motorized Rotation Mounts

Description :

● Fully 360° bidirectional rotation.
● Bi-Polar 2-phase miniature micro-stepper motor driving design.
● Gearhead ratio of stepper motor: 28.4460(185):1 (Approx. 28.45:1).
● Steps per Revolution of the Motor: 24 Full steps (15°/step).
● Spur gear ratio: 56:16
● Limit Switch: Hall Effect.
● Minimum Speed: 0.8 deg./s.
● Maximum Speed: 60 deg./s.
● Aluminum alloy Material and black harden anodized.
● M4 (8-32) thread holes on surface to combine with other components.
● M4 (8-32) or M6 (1/4-20) thread hole on the side or bottom for mounting posts.
● Compatible to Unice's controller (08SMC-1 & 08SMC-3) and switch box (08SSB-8).

Metric 08PMR-0.5M 08PMR-1M
English 08PMR-0.5 08PMR-1
Clear Aperture  12.7mm
Model Description Price (USD)
08PMR-0.5M Motorized Rotation Mount, Aperture: Ф12.7mm, Metric Type 850
08PMR-1M Motorized Rotation Mount, Aperture: Ф25.4mm, Metric Type 940
08PMR-0.5 Motorized Rotation Mount, Aperture: Ф0.5", English Type 850
08PMR-1 Motorized Rotation Mount, Aperture: Ф1", English Type 940