Model : 08MLS-025M

Description :

● Stage Dimension: 60x60mm
● Travel Range: 25mm
● Lead Screw: Ball screw diameter 6mm in 1mm pitch lead
● Configuration: Crossed Roller Bearing
● Motor Type: CVK213AK 2-Phase stepper motor
● Angular Deviation: <35" in pitch direction. <20" in yaw direction
● Limit switch inside.
● Body material: Aluminum Alloy and black anodized
● 15 pin IDC connector
● Compatible with Unice's controller : 08TMC-1U

Package Weight : 0.34kg

Price :USD 1200

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Model 08MLS-025M
Travel Range 25mm
Angular Deviation <35" in pitch direction
<20" in yaw direction
Stage Dimension 60 x 60mm
Connector 15 PIN IDC
Compatible Controller 08TMC-1U

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