Model : 08IDM-037M

Description :

● Metric Type
● Bi-Polar 2-phase miniature micro-stepper motor driving design.
● Gearhead ratio of stepper motor: 28.4460(185):1 (Approx. 28.45:1).
● Limit Device: Hall Effect and Magnetic Sensor.
● Protection Device: 2 limit switch at fully closed and fully open.
● Minimum Speed: 0.2mm/s.
● Maximum Speed: 18mm/s.
● Minimum Aperture: 0mm (fully close).
● Maximum Aperture: 37mm (fully open).
● There are M4 thread screw on surface to combine with other components.
● M6 thread hole on the bottom for mounting posts.
● Compatible to Unice's controller ( 08SMC-1 & 08SMC-3) and switch box (08SSB-8).

Package Weight : 0.26kg

Price :USD 900

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