Model : 08SMC-1-PCB

Description :

● Supports 2-Phase 4 Leads Bipolar stepper motor.
● 180 microsteps per full step.
● Trapezoidal velocity profiling motion.
● Input Power: 12VDC/1.0A
● Communication Interface: USB
● USB cable length: 1.8 meter.
● Connect Type: 10 pin IDC connector.
● Dimension: 52mm x 90mm x 15mm (WxDxH)
● Simple and easy smart software operation functions.
● Setting program can be saved to allow repeat usage.
● Set speed, Relative, Absolute, Jog, Go Home, Go Zero, Set Zero, Stop, Save,Clear, Pause, and Load program functions.
● The 08SMC-Series controller and 08SSB-8 switchbox with multi-function motion control software can be used to operate 08SMA-, 08PMR-, 08IDM- family products.

Package Weight : 0.15kg

Price :USD 600


 Software Screen

08SMC Series 08SMC Series 08SMC Series


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