8 Axis Switchbox

Product Name : 8 Axis Switchbox

Description :

● 08SSB-8 allows control of up to 8 units of 08SMA-, 08PMR- and 08IDMfamily products.
● Green LEDs indicate which actuator is active, inactive.
● One channel active at one time.
● Power Requirement Input: AC 100~240V/50~60Hz, Output: 19VDC/3.42A.
● Communication Interface: USB
● USB cable length: 1.8 meter
● Connect Type: 10 pin IDC connector
● Simple and easy smart software operation functions.
● Setting can be saved to allow repeat usage.
● The 08SSB-8 switchbox with multi-function motion control software can be used to operate 08SMA-, 08PMR-, 08IDM- and the other motorized stage.
● Single Axis Stepper Motor Controller 08SMC-1 has to order separately.

Model 08SSB-8 
Driver  08SMC-1 ( Sold Separately )
Feature                                                       ● Up to 8 Axis
                                                      ● Supports of 08SMA- , 08PMR- and 08IDM- Family
                                                      ● One channel active at one time ( Green LEDs indicate which actuator is active, inactive )
Model Description Price (USD)
08SSB-8 8-Channel Switch Box 995