0.125mm Precision Screws

Product Name : 0.125mm Precision Screws

Description :

● Pitch 0.125mm Ultra Precision Adjustment Screw
● Precision stainless steel screw M6x0.125mm or M4x0.125mm thread for fine adjustment.
● Screw travel range from 10mm to 34mm for fine adjustment.
● Stainless steel ball tip in the front of screw to resist any abrasion on the surface when moving.
● Stainless steel precision screw and phosphor bronze nut is an ideal combination provides smooth, wobble-free and long-term stability.
● Very tight tolerance and damping grease between stainless steel precision screw and nut to form a negligible backlash combination.
● Custom demand upon on request.

 Image Model Travel Range Pitch Head Type External Nut
  07AST-M6E-10 10mm M4x0.125 Phosphor Nut M6x0.75mm
  07AST-M8E-14 14mm M6x0.125 Phosphor Nut M8x0.75mm
  07AST-1 25mm M6x0.125 Knurled Knob -
  07AST-1-H 34mm M6x0.125 Hex Screw -
Model Description Price (USD)
07AST-M6E-10 M4x0.125 Ultra Precision Adjustment Screw with Nut, Travel Range: 10mm 30
07AST-M8E-14 M6x0.125 Ultra Precision Adjustment Screw with Nut, Travel Range: 14mm 32
07AST-1 M6x0.125 Ultra Precision Adjustment Screw, Travel Range: 25mm 30
07AST-1-H M6x0.125 Ultra Precision Adjustment Hex Screw, Travel Range: 34mm 23.5