First Contact Polymer Solution

Product Name : First Contact Polymer Solution

Description :

First Contact™ is a one-part easy to use strip coating. It cleans and protects precision optics, telescopes, mirrors and surfaces in use, during storage, assembly and in shipping. Paint, spray, dip or pour liquid on, let it dry and peel off the flexible, strong, resilient film. First Contact is specially formulated to minimize surface adhesion and yet clean surfaces safely and effectively while leaving zero residue. Safe. Accepted. No residue.* It is an inert, non-toxic polymer system designed to remove dust, fingerprints, residues and contaminants from delicate, sensitive, and precision surfaces without scratching or damage. First Contact™ Polymer film also protects optics from physical and chemical damage in assembly, shipping, use and storage.
First Contact Problematic Peeling: Edge Tension or Edge Spillover
Unmounted Mirror Cleaning With First Contact Spray
Model Description Price (USD)
RFCR Red First Contact Regular Kit
RFCD Red First Contact Deluxe Kit
RFCF Red First Contact 500 ml Bottle
RFCL Red First Contact 1000 ml Bottle
RSFCD Red Spray First Contact Deluxe Kit
RSFCF Red Spray First Contact 500 ml
RSFCL Red Spray First Contact 1000 ml
RTFCL Red First Contact Thinner 1000 ml