Picosecond Lasers - 355~1064nm

Product Name : Picosecond Lasers - 355~1064nm

Description :

DPS Series
● Ultrashort Pulses. Pulse Width < 10 ps(typically < 8 ps).
● High output power, stable pulses, good beam quality. Running stable and relible.
● Highly compact. All-In-One design.
● Powerful, flexible laser control system.
● Abundant I/O interface.
● Reasonable price.
● Company culture emphasizes the Tao, the virtue, the artisan spirit.

Amber Series
● Pulse Width <15ps
● Operating Frequency Range 1Hz~1000kHz
● Burst Mode Output available
● Integrated Long-life Fiber Seed Lasers
● Ethernet Communications, achieve remote diagnosis

PICO Series
PICO-05 is a picosecond laser built up on an innovative optical scheme where the seed oscillator is repaced with a sole microchip crystal. The idea results in simplified layout, higher reliability and greatly reduced price. Pulse width is around 100ps, pulse repetition rate is up to 200kHz, output power achieves 5W at 1064nm and 200kHz.

PICO-05 is a forcibly cooled device. Cooling unit is a water chiller, to be purchased separately.

Selection Guide

Model DPS-25-1064 DPS-50-1064 Amber NX IR Amber NX GR Amber NX UV PICO-05
Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm 532nm 355nm 1064nm
Power Rate >25W >50W 10-75W 5-45W 10-30W 5W
Pulse Frequency Rate 0~1.2MHz 0~1.2MHz 1Hz~1000kHz 1Hz~1000kHz 1Hz~1000kHz up to 200kHz
Pulse Width <10ps <10ps <15ps <15ps <15ps 100ps
Model Description Price (USD)
DPS-25-1064 1064nm Picosecond All-in-one Laser, Output Power up to 25W
DPS-50-1064 1064nm Picosecond All-in-one Laser, Output Power up to 50W
Amber NX IR 1064nm Picosecond All-in-one Laser, Output Power 10 to 75W
Amber NX GR 532nm Picosecond All-in-one Laser, Output Power 5 to 45W
Amber NX UV 355nm Picosecond All-in-one Laser, Output Power 10 to 30W
PICO-05 1064nm Sub-Picosecond DPSS ND:YAG Laser, Output Power 5W