Integrating Spheres for Reflectance

Product Name : Integrating Spheres for Reflectance

Description :

ISP-R series fiber optic integrating spheres couple to Ocean Insight spectrometers to measure the total integrated reflectance of surfaces placed against the sphere’s sample port. ISP-R integrating spheres are well-suited for measurement of opaque or highly directional samples. The spheres are available in 6 mm and 8 mm sample port diameters and gloss-trap options are available that allow you to measure the specular component of the total integrated reflection.
Model Description Inner Diameter Sample Port Diameter Price (USD)
ISP-REF Integrating Sphere 38.1mm 10.32 mm
ISP-50-8-R-GT Integrating Sphere 50 mm 8 mm
ISP-30-6-R Integrating Sphere 30 mm 6 mm
ISP-50-8-R Integrating Sphere 50 mm 8 mm
ISP-80-8-R Integrating Sphere 80 mm 8 mm