Model : Hera-Lens

Description :

The Hera 01 with lens is the ideal spectrometer for display measurements where ease of use, stability, performance and price are essential. A perfect solution for hassle free integration in production processes.

• Spectral range 380-780nm
• Spectral output or colour values output are both possible
• Auto-range function
• Luminance range of 0.05 – 6000 cd/m²
• Excellent linearity over entire dynamic range
• Dark current compensated, virtually zero over entire integration range
• Holographic grating for low stray light
• USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, high speed device
• Numerous interfaces, ideal for system integration
• All spectral calculations are done inside
• Several lens system options
• Robust housing

General specification

Model Hera 01 – VIS
Spectral range 380-780nm
Optical resolution (FWHM) 2.3nm
Order sorting filter 2nd order sorting filter
Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.5nm
Stray light <0.2% (measured at 400nm with 455nm cut-off filter with broadband light source)
Luminance accuracy *1 +/-2%
Chromaticity accuracy *1 +/- 0.0015
Non–Linearity < 1%
Integration time 1.3ms – 20s
Spectral resolution Selectable 0.5nm-1nm-2.5nm-5nm-10nm
Interfaces High speed USB, RS232, Ethernet, Trigger connections
Measurement Spectral output, radiometric data or colour data
parameters (Lumen, x,y, DWL, PWL, CRI, CCT, etc.)
Data processing time 14ms
Size (LxWxH) 95 x 81 x 61mm (without optical system)
Weight 650 gram
Operating temperature 10-35°C
Power consumption 1250mW
Wavelength accuracy +/-0.5nm

Hera lens specifications

Model 1 2 3 4 5
Description 20mm lens 10mm lens 5mm lens IDMS VMS
Target Display Display Display Display Variable message signs
FOV ¹ N/a N/a N/a +/-1º +/-1.5º
Acceptance angle +/-0.3º +/-0.6º +/-0.6º +/-1º +/-0.5º
Luminance range (cd/m²) 0.1 – 6000 0.1 – 6000 0.4 – 20,000 TBD TBD
Working distance (WD) 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 1910mm
Spot size at WD 21mm 12.6 7.7 11.4 106
Spot size at WD – 50mm 20.5mm 11.3 6.3 9.6 103.6
Spot size at WD +50mm 21.5mm 13.9 9.1 13.2 108.6

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