Model : Cronus-CC

Description :

The Cronus is used for measurements in solid state lighting development and production processes. Due to the spectrometer the Cronus is ideal to develop and monitor the spectral colour of LED light sources during development, during long term testing or in production. The colorimeter in the Cronus allows for high-speed sampling in your production line checking the quality of all your products, leading to increased product quality and production efficiency. The spectrometer can be used for both spectral and colour measurements.

• Spectral range 380-780nm
• Spectral output or colour values output are both possible
• Measures xy, CRI, lumen, spectrum, flicker
• High speed flicker measurements: 186.567 samples/second
• Auto-range function
• Excellent linearity
• Dark current compensated
• USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, high speed device
• Numerous interfaces, ideal for system integration
• Internal calculations for most common parameters, saving processing power in production environments

General specification

Spectral measurement system
Spectral range 380-780nm
Optical resolution (FWHM) 2.3nm
Integration time 2.5ms – 20s
Dynamic range > 150000
Non - Linearity < 0.5%
Accuracy (Y,x,y)¹ 4% +/- 0.002
Repeatability (Y,x,y)² < 1% +/- 0.0005
Colorimeter measurement system
Photo detector Silicon photo diode using XYZ interference filters
Spectral response Approximates CIE 1931 colour matching functions
Dynamic range > 10000000
Measurement speed Luminance up to 186.567 samples per second
Accuracy (Y,x,y)¹ 4% +/- 0.002
Repeatability (Y,x,y)² < 0.5% +/- 0.0002
System configurations
Cosine corrector 1cm² cosine corrector
Fiber connector 1cm² cosine corrector or 75, 150 or 250mm integrating sphere
Interfaces High speed USB, RS232, Ethernet, Trigger connections
Weight 1200 gram
Size (HxWxD) 137 x 88 x 74 mm (without lens system)
Shutter lifetime More than 1 million cycles
Shutter speed 70ms-120ms (close or open time, depending on temperature and lifetime)
Operating temperature 10-35°C
Power consumption 1750mW (USB powered)
1 Sufficient signal to noise ratio and relative to the calibration standard
2 Sufficient signal to noise ratio 
Admesy Cronus Series Admesy Cronus Series

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