Flicker Measurements

Product Name : Flicker Measurements

Description :

Almost any light source that emits light shows fluctuations in light output. These fluctuations can be caused by mains or power supplies / drivers and differs for each type of light source and type of power supplies. Especially from health and well-being point of view, determination of flicker of light emitting sources becomes more and more important. Rapidly growing applications of LED/SSL products demand for quality assessment which include measuring flicker. In lighting industries, the flicker value is typically expressed as a percentage or flicker index. Admesy offers products and support to carry out flicker measurements according to international standards.

Selection Guide

Lighting Cronus Asteria 
 Spectral colour analysis X  
 Dominant & peak wavelength X  
 Luminance & illuminance X X
 Luminous intensity X X
 Luminous flux Combined with sphere *  
 Flicker analysis X X
*Cronus Bhaskar measures relative flux
Model Description Price (USD)
Cronus-Lens Spectrometer & Colorimeter In One for Display Measurement
Cronus-CC Spectrometer & Colorimeter In One for Lighting Measurement
Cronus-B Spectrometer & Colorimeter In One for Light Bulb Measurement
Asteria Series Compact & Fast Industrial Light Meter