Model : Steropes-LED

Description :

Obtaining good measurement results requires good and stable lighting. With this in mind Admesy developed the Steropes LED light source, which is a stable, accurate light source controlled by a built-in colorimeter resulting in a very high stability of the light output.
With the Steropes the user is certain to have a light output at 0,1% accuracy. Combined with our colorimeters or spectrometers the stabilized light of the Steropes offers the best measurement results.

•   Ultra stable light source with internal regulation
•   USB and RS232 communication interfaces controlled light output
•   USB on GPIO for industrial purposes
•   USBTMC standard device, works with NI-VISA or other USBTMC compliant drivers
•   Ultra-fast stabilization within 10ms
•   Stand-alone mode available
•   Suitable for use in vacuum environments
•   Standard in natural white LED, other colours and custom wavelengths are available on request


USB 2.0 USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, full speed device
USB connection also available on GPIO connector for industrial connection.
RS232 For PC and embedded purposes, using same command set as USB
GPIO Same command set as USB
Trigger in- & output 5V compliant
Power ratings Min voltage Typical voltage Max voltage  Max  current
USB powered  4.75V 5.00V  5.25V  50-600mA
DC powered  8.5V 9V  9.5V  50-600mA
GPIO powered 8.5V 9V  9.5V 50-600mA
System information
Size (HxWxD) 54.6 x 55 x 98 mm
Weight 450 gram
Mounting 4 M4 threat holes on bottom plate
2 M4 threat holes on front side
LED LED lighting system
Light output 0 – 100% in 0.1% steps
Self-regulating Light source regulates itself, accuracy of 0.1% over lifetime and over temperature
Stabilization time Less than 10ms
Steropes LED natural white Steropes LED royal blue Steropes LED full spectrum
Admesy Steropes LED Light Source Admesy Steropes LED Light Source Admesy Steropes LED Light Source

Typical spectral sensitivity of Steropes LED controller

Admesy Steropes LED Light Source Admesy Steropes LED Light Source

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