Asteria Series

Model : Asteria Series

Description :

Admesy’s Asteria is a high-speed measurement device suited for luminance, illuminance and flicker measurements. Based on the popular Admesy platform the Asteria is designed for in-line use with integrated calculating power for easy implementation and high speed measurement results in production settings. The Asteria is available in multiple configurations: the lens based system is capable of measuring luminance [cd/m²] and flicker, its cosine Corrector configuration allows illuminance [lux], luminous intensity [cd] and flicker measurements. Fibre versions are also available to connect to remote cosine correctors, lens systems or connect to integrating spheres.

•   Absolute luminance or illuminance & luminous intensity measurement according to the human eye: CIE1931 luminosity function
•   All flicker measurement standards supported for display: Contrast, JEITA, VESA
•   Lighting flicker methods: flicker percentage, index and IEEE 1789 recommendation
•   Measure high and low frequencies at the same time through a high sample rate [186.567 samples/second] and large memory size
•   Trigger input and output for in line applications
•   Windows, Linux, OSX and embedded systems compatible
•   SCPI command interface for easy integration in other applications
•   Supported in all major programming languages Labview / Labwindows / Visual Studio [C++, C#, VB]/ etc.
•   USBTMC standard compliant
•   Integrating- and sampling mode available
•   3 gain stages for every mode
•   Auto-range function
•   User calibration function and pre-programmed calibration values


USB 2.0 USBMTC compliant, SCPI command set, full speed device
RS 232 For PC and embedded purposes, using same command set as USB
Trigger in & out 5V compliant
Power ratings
USB powered Min voltage Typical voltage Max voltage Max current
4.75V 5.00V 5.25V 220mA
System information
Photo detector Silicon photo diode
Spectral response Approximates CIE 1931 spectral luminous efficiency curve, fs value 8% typical
Measurement parameters Luminance, illuminance, flicker (contrast, JEITA, VESA, Percentage, Index), Response time.
Optical systems 10mm lens system & cosine corrector
Measurement speed in sample mode 180,000 samples/second. Memory for 250,000 samples. For samples/delay versus total time see table below. 
Operating Temperature 10-35°C (1)
Mechanical dimensions
Size (HxWxD)  69 x 31 x 93 mm
Mounting 12 M3 threat holes spread over four sides of Asteria
Weight 320g

Typical spectral sensitivity

Admesy Light Meter - Asteria Series

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