Raman Spectrometers

Product Name : Raman Spectrometers

Description :

The flexibility of Ocean Optics spectrometer benches makes them ideal for modular Raman spectroscopy. Options include the standard USB2000+ and HR2000+ benches, the higher performance Maya2000 Pro and QE Pro benches for lower light levels and the high-throughput Ventana when fast acquisition times are required. The ability to select entrance slit sizes, diffraction gratings and internal optics allows users to optimize the detection system for their modular Raman system. Also available are Maya2000 Pro and QE Pro options that are preconfigured for Raman.
Selection Guide
Spectrometer Maya2000 Pro Series QE Pro Series
Features • Cost effective
• Broad spectral range
• Maximum flexibility
• Weak raman signals
Preconfigured Spectrometers • Maya2000 Pro-NIR (785nm, 808nm) • QE Pro-Raman (785nm)
Custom Configuration • User-defined spectral range and resolution • User-defined spectral range
• Changeable slits to optimize resolution
Excitation Laser : Multiple options : 532nm, 785nm, customRaman
Probe : Multiple options: general purpose, immersion, process
Modular Systems
Specifications Maya2000 Pro-NIR QE Pro-Raman
Raman Shift Range* 0 - 4200cm-1 0 - 2800cm-1
Resolution @810nm* 13cm-1 11cm-1
Detector Temperature Unregulated -15°C
S:N Ratio 450:1 1000:1
Alternate Configurations Custom Maya2000 Pro Custom QE Pro with user-changeable slits
Best For • Broad range
• High NIR efficiency
• General purpose
• Weak signals
• Long integration times
• Hightest quality data
Model Description Price (USD)
MAYA2000PRO-NIR High-Sensitivity Spectrometer for Raman and NIR Applications from 780nm to 1180nm
QEPRO-RAMAN High-Sensitivity Preconfigured Spectrometer for 785nm Raman
QEPRO-RAMAN-532 High-Sensitivity Preconfigured Spectrometer for 532nm Raman
QEPRO-RAMAN-638 High-Sensitivity Preconfigured Spectrometer for 638nm Raman