Raman Software

Product Name : Raman Software

Description :

Analyze IQ software is a great complement to your modular Ocean Optics Raman system for spectral analysis and chemometrics.

For users of modular Raman systems configured using our line of spectrometers, lasers and accessories, the Analyze IQ chemometrics software package is available with a library of Raman spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more. To access these spectra, you’ll need to purchase the RAMAN-ANIQ-LAB (standard chemometrics software) with the RAM-ANIQ-SPEC-MGR (database management) and RAM-ANIQ-RAMAN-LIB (library).

● Raman analysis – chemometrics and spectral analysis for modular Raman setups
● Identify mixtures – proprietary methods analyze target substances in mixtures
● Spectral library add-on – spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more
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RAM-ANIQ-LAB Chemometric Package is Useful for Raman Analysis Software