Description :

This versatile kit turns your visible wavelength spectrometer and light source into a transmissive pH probe. It uses a randomized fiber bundle probe in a PEEK ferrule, selected by the user based on environment. For example, long term monitoring in seawater would use the PEEK probe due to the corrosion sensitivity of stainless steel.

This kit can be used with your spectrometer system as a replacement for any traditional electrode pH sensor, and comes with 5 transmissive pH patches to get you started.

● Recommended for use with spectrometers configured with a 25 – 50 μm slit.
● Both light source and spectrometer must measure 620 nm and either 510 nm or >750 nm
● Samples must be clear, not colored or turbid.
● Sample volume is 3+ mL.

TRANS-PH-KIT-PEEK kit included:

Item Description
PH-BCG-TRANS 5-pack of transmissive pH sensing patches
RE-BIFBORO-2 Randomized bifurcated probe assembly
TP300-SLEEVE PEEK transmission dip probe sleeve
RTP-2-10 PEEK transmission dip probe tip


Probe diameter: 6.35 mm (1/4″)
Probe length: 107.9 mm
Fiber length: 2 meters
Breakout: 1.5 meters from the end of the probe
Temperature limit: Up to 200ºC with PEEK sleeve
Pathlength: Adjustable (2 – 10 mm)
Probe material: PEEK
Fiber jacketing: Black PVC monocoil
Connectors: SMA 905