Description :

This kit with pH patches, factory tested and applied to cuvettes, turns your visible wavelength spectrometer and light source into a non-invasive pH probe. The kit consists of a fiber attached to a sample holder, light source and spectrometer.

The reflective pH patches coatings are capable of monitoring pH 5 – 9 in liquids. Applications for this kit include bioreactor monitoring (such as fermentation) and process line monitoring.

● Recommended for use with spectrometers configured with a 50 – 100 μm slit.
● Both light source and spectrometer must measure 620 nm and either 510 nm or >750 nm

REFLECT-PH-KIT included:

Item Description
PH-BCG-TRANS 5-pack of transmissive pH sensing patches
CUV-UV Cuvette holder
RE-BIFBORO-2 Randomized bifurcated probe assembly


pH Range 5 – 9
Analytical wavelength 620 nm
Baseline correction wavelengths 509 nm (isosbestic), or > 750 nm
User calibration accuracy 0.05 pH unit
Factory reset accuracy 0% at reset point
1% within 1 pH unit of reset
Up to 4% at 3 pH units from reset
Resolution ~0.03 pH unit in most cases
Response time (t90) 30 seconds
Calibration requirements (minimum) Factory calibration: 3 buffers
User calibration: 6 buffers
Sterilization EtO (ethylene oxide)