Oxygen Measurement

Product Name : Oxygen Measurement

Description :

We’ve packaged everything you need for probe- or patch-based oxygen sensing into two convenient kits.
NEOFOX-KIT-PROBE and NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH are complete, out-of-the-box solutions for a variety of benchtop applications in research environments, teaching labs and commercial labs. Each kit allows you to set single- or multi-point calibration and to display oxygen readings in percent oxygen, partial pressure, moles per liter and more.

Advantages of Oxygen Sensors
• Versatile: Able to detect molecular oxygen in gas and liquid phases across wide ranges of temperature and concentration.
• Multiple form factors: Sensors are available as traditional probes as small as 300μm, non-invasive patches, and standard cuvette sampling cells.
• Non-consuming: Oxygen is not consumed during measurement, giving true unaltered readings of your system.
• Rapid response time: Less than 1 second response time with averaging minimized.
• Low-level detection: Sensors can resolve to 0.004% oxygen at 1atm at the lowest oxygen concentrations.
Model Description Price (USD)
NEOFOX-KIT-PROBE In-situ Oxygen Monitoring Kit with Probe
NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH In-situ Oxygen Monitoring Kit with Patches