Mini ConoPoint-9R

Model : Mini ConoPoint-9R

Description :

The Mini ConoPoint-9R is a non contact 9kHz small footprint sensor for glass, transparent materials, wet coating ,liquids and specular (mirror-like) surfaces. The Mini ConoPoint-9R measurements reach a depth resolutions in the sub micron scale and lateral resolution below 1µm, all in high speed motion.

• Glass thickness & surface profile
• True measurement rate of 9kHz
• Objective lenses of 25 or 50 mm
• For liquid and wet surfaces properties
Mini ConoPoint-9R Features & Capabilities
• True profile and thickness measurement rate - up to 9000Hz, no need for averaging.
• Measuring simultaneously objects with variable surface features - both reflective and diffusive surfaces, such as glass, liquids, mirrors, wet and dry coatings.
• High accuracy and repeatability below 1μm.
• Easy setup – user friendly software that controls sensor parameters and range Indicators.
• Built in quality parameters – allowing efficient filtering.
• 3D Analysis Software - Optimet’s Viewer enables feature geometry and surface measurement analysis.
• Simple integration - SDK for integration with 3 axis encoders or equivalent.
• Small footprint, low weight.
• Optional LabView SDK.
Technical Specification
Objective Lens type 25
P/N 3Z79025
Measurement range mm 1
Standoff mm 16
Linearity ±% 0.025
Repeatability μm 0.1
X laser spot size μm 3
Angular coverage ° 6
Sensor General Specifications
Measurement Frequency Hz 9,000
Dimensions (without lens) mm 91x65x33
Weight gr 390
Control Unit General Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 105x167x54
Weight gr 630
Control signal
ROG – output, External trigger – input, Analog output (optional) ±4.5 V, OPS (Position Synchronization),+5V output (100mA)
Operating voltage V 24 ±10% (0.5A)
Connect: Green LED – On when sensor head connected;
Power : Green LED – On when power is on
Communication Ethernet 10/100/1000 UDP
Software Development Kit C, C++, C#, Labview

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