3D Laser Distance Sensors

Product Name : 3D Laser Distance Sensors

Description :

Optimet products include OEM point and line sensors, 3-D measurement scanner systems and customized solutions. Thousands of systems are actively being used around the world by Optimet’s customers.

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Optimet 3D Laser Distance Sensors Resolution & Reproducibility
Optimet sensors maintain high resolution and reproducibility over a wide working range. In most cases the resolution and reproducibility are better than 1/8000th of the working range.

Universality & Cost-Efficiency
Optimet sensors can measure objects ranging from sub-microns to half a meter, using a single sensor head with interchangeable lenses.
Optimet 3D Laser Distance Sensors Bore Holes and Hard-to-Measure Geometries
The ConoPoint combines co-linearity with bending optics to measure deep, narrow slots, grooves and blind-holes. It can be used simultaneously through the same focusing lens of welding and cutting lasers.
Optimet 3D Laser Distance Sensors Versatility & Robustness
Optimet sensors are surface and material quasi-independent, measuring on variable surfaces ranging from highly reflective, partially translucid, diffusive to roughly textured surfaces with no need  for painting or resurfacing.
Optimet 3D Laser Distance Sensors Grazing Incidence Measurement
Optimet sensors measure angles very close to normal incidence ±85°. This unique capability permits the reproduction of difficult shapes with very high fidelity to the original model and without distorting the profile.

Point Sensor for Diffusive Surface

ConoPoint-3 ConoPoint-10 ConoPoint-10HD ConoPoint-20
• Angular coverage ±85°
• Flexible standoff & working range
• Up to 3Khz. Non averaging
• Built in Position Synchronization
• Up to 10Khz. Non averaging
• Angular coverage ±85°
• Auto-exposure for variable reflective surface
• Analog output (optional) for PLC application
• High lateral resolution
• Sub micron precision
• Up to 10Khz. Non averaging
• Analog output (optional) for PLC application
• 20kHz point sensor
• Excellent black surface capability
• Sub-Micron Precision
• Adaptable ranges by quick lens change

Point Sensor for Reflective Surfaces

ConoPoint-3R Mini ConoPoint-9R
• For specular materials
• Up to 3KHz non averaging
• Sub micron precision
• Thickness measurements capabilities
• Glass thickness & surface profile
• True measurement rate of 9kHz
• Objective lenses of 25 or 50 mm
• For liquid and wet surfaces properties

Point Sensor for CNC Applications

ConoPoint – CNC for Mach4
• Co-linear technology
• Angular coverage of up to 170º
• Measurement speed of up to 3000Hz

Line Sensors for Diffusive Surfaces

• Adjustable line angles
• Angular coverage of +/-110deg
• Scans of undercuts, steep grooves & side walls
Model Description Price (USD)
ConoPoint-3 ConoPoint-3 Distance & 3-D Measurement Sensor up to 3KHz
ConoPoint-10 Distance & 3-D Measurement Sensor up to 10KHz
ConoPoint-10HD Distance & 3-D Measurement Sensor with High Definition up to 10KHz
ConoPoint-20 Distance & 3-D Measurement Sensor up to 20KHz
ConoPoint-3R Distance & 3-D Measurement Sensor up to 3KHz for Glass & Transparent Materials
Mini ConoPoint-9R Distance & 3-D Measurement Sensor up to 9KHz for Glass & Transparent Materials
ConoPoint-CNC Laser Distance Sensor Scanning with your CNC using Artsoft Mach4
ConoLine-100 Non-Contact Laser Line Distance Sensor & 3-D Measurements